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This site contains BRPD crime statistics for the entire City, each Police District, each Police Zone and each Police Subzone.  The BRPD District Map below shows the boundaries of the four Districts that are patrolled by the Baton Rouge Police Dept.  To find statistics on Districts, Zones and SubZones, click on the appropriate district on the map below, use the district boundaries below the map to locate your district. You can also search our Open Data BR Crime Maps site to determine the district your address is located in.

Please view the disclaimer for information regarding these stats and the UCR program.

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BRPD Districts - Approximate Boundaries

The 1st District precinct is located at 4445 Plank Road. 1st District serves what is traditionally known as North Baton Rouge. It is bordered roughly by Evangeline (north), Florida Blvd. (south), the Mississippi River (west) and Airline Highway (east).

The 2nd District precinct is located at 2265 Highland Road. 2nd District serves what is traditionally known as South Baton Rouge. It is bordered roughly by Florida Blvd. (north), the city limits (south), the Mississippi River (west) and Essen and Lobdell (east).

The 3rd District precinct is located at 11010 Coursey Blvd. 3rd District serves the eastern part of the city. It is bordered roughly by Jefferson Hwy. and Airline Hwy. (west), Greenwell Springs Road (north), and stretches to the city limits (east and south).

The 4th District precinct is located at 8827 Scenic Hwy. 4th District serves the extreme northern part of the city, including the area traditionally known as Scotlandville. It is bordered roughly by Thomas Road (north), Evangeline (south), the Mississippi River (west) and city limits (east).


These statistics are compiled and categorized using standards set by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, and therefore may not conform to local and state criminal statute definitions. In addition, the statistics provided on this website are for general use only. Please refer to the FBI web site for the official Baton Rouge crime statistics.

This information is primarily used to assist the Baton Rouge Police Department in its mission to focus crime-fighting resources within the City of Baton Rouge. Due to the nature of the UCR program and the potential for reporting discrepancies, the Baton Rouge Police Department does not guarantee or certify any of the figures provided for any other purpose.

Nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide voluntarily participate in the UCR program. However, due to reporting variances and because the definitions of offenses may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the FBI discourages using UCR data to rank or compare the crime rates of individual cities or states.

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