Archived Press Releases

This is a database of archived Baton Rouge Police Department press releases dating from March 14, 2018, as the most recent file. The notices were previously posted on the City-Parish's former website,, which is no longer in service.

Arrests, charges, or other mentions and/or images of specific persons do not indicate guilt or wrongdoing by those parties; innocence is presumed until and unless a conviction on a specific charge has been made in a court of law. All files are a matter of public record.

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DateCaptionPhoto Available
Jan. 01, 2018Shooting on Georgia St. 
Jan. 01, 2018Shooting on Plank Rd 
Jan. 01, 2018Statement on Recent Violence 
Jan. 01, 2018Murder Arrest 
Jan. 01, 2018Pedestrian Fatality 
Jan. 01, 2018Update to Plank Rd Shooting 
Jan. 01, 2018Shooting on Balis Dr 
Jan. 02, 2018Traffic Fatality on Scenic Hwy 
Jan. 02, 2018Update to Scenic Hwy Fatalities 
Jan. 03, 2018Shooting Death on Ave E 
Jan. 04, 2018Update to Shooting on Ave E 
Jan. 04, 2018Death Investigation 
Jan. 05, 201884th BTA Begins 
Jan. 09, 2018Suspect Sought in Weller Ave ShootingImages Available1 2
Jan. 10, 2018Traffic Fatality 
Jan. 12, 20182018 Louisiana Marathon 
Jan. 12, 2018Attempting to IdentifyImages Available1
Jan. 12, 2018Traffic Fatality 
Jan. 15, 2018Traffic Fatality on Winbourne 
Jan. 16, 2018Bank RobberyImages Available1
Jan. 17, 2018Burglary SuspectImages Available1
Jan. 23, 2018Murder Arrest 
Jan. 23, 2018Traffic Fatality on Florida Blvd 
Jan. 23, 2018Murder Suspect ArrestedImages Available1 2
Jan. 29, 2018Shooting on Scenic Hwy 
Jan. 29, 2018Shooting on South Blvd 
Jan. 30, 2018Attempting to IdentifyImages Available1 2
Feb. 02, 2018Murder/Suicide 
Feb. 05, 2018Search for Missing PersonImages Available1
Feb. 05, 2018Shooting Death on LaSalle 
Feb. 05, 2018Murder ArrestImages Available1
Feb. 13, 2018Shooting Update 
Feb. 13, 2018Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested 
Feb. 16, 2018Banks Robbers ArrestedImages Available1 2 3
Feb. 16, 2018Fatal Crash Arrest 
Feb. 16, 2018Murder Investigation 
Feb. 17, 2018Murder Investigation 
Feb. 23, 2018Murder Arrest 
Feb. 23, 2018Robbery Suspect Arrest 
Feb. 26, 2018Shooting Investigation 
Feb. 27, 2018Shooting Investigation 
Mar. 01, 2018Murder Suspects Arrested 
Mar. 06, 2018Shooting Investigation 
Mar. 08, 2018Home Invasion 
Mar. 14, 2018Murder Suspect Update