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Business Operations The Office of Business Operations provides administrative support for the six Public Works Departments. The Department’s 2019 significant accomplishments are noted below.  Outsourced parking management from City Parish to LAZ Parking  Re-located Parking Garage staff to other positions within City Parish as a result of privatizing parking management (layoff avoidance)  Updated parking garage ordinance and obtained Council approval to increase daily and event rates for the City Parish River Center parking garages  Plan to Grow Revenues by $1.0MM in 2020  Worked with Information Systems improving: o Q-Alert reporting by identifying duplicates o Workflow/routing system to ensure prompt response to service requests o Accuracy of service categories and improving the verification process  Streamline reporting and verification o Access granted to Republic Services for processing of Q-Alert service requests  To eliminate unnecessary layers and improve the verification process o Automated system was implemented for other contractors to eliminate redundancy and manual processing  Improve close out process and resident satisfaction o Customer service survey was launched to assist with identifying pain points  Enhanced the phone system to include : o Call Tree - Menu prompts to route calls that do not require waiting for a Call Center Representative Disaster and Holiday Prompts  112% Improvement in 311 Service Request Closure Rate CDL Training for Public Works employees through Coastal Trucking 14,440 98,088 91,465 8,172 9,343 112,118 102,898 8,212 A V E R AG E C A L L S P E R MON T H N EW S E R V I C E R E QU E S T S C L O S E D S E R V I C E R E QU E S T S S E R V I C E R E QU E S T > 9 0 DA Y S O L D 311 CALL CENTER 2018 2019 45 76 63 46 83 62 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 INCIDENTS REPORTED ACCIDENTS REPORTED NUMBER OF INJURIES 2019 2018