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Department of Transportation & Drainage  December 2018 referendum permitted Metro Council to approve CSRS and Stantec as MovEBR program managers to begin developing the project management process.  Prioritization of the projects in the MOVEBR Program included EBR constituents of the community and business leaders.  Based on prioritization process, program managers of both capacity and enhancements prepared RFQ’s to commence the engineering process. The Selection Board will receive 18 projects for selection of a qualified engineering team.  Traffic Signal Projects as part of the MOVEBR program have been prioritized based on major corridors in the parish focusing on traffic flow and traffic management. Three (3) corridors will be addressed in the 2 nd Quarter of 2020.  Received final approval and approved signatures on the $255M Federal Fund Project to clean and improve five (5) drainage channels i.e., Beaver, Blackwater, Jones Creek, Wards Creek and Bayou Foundation  Working with Corp to develop a plan of scheduling of work beginning 1 st Quarter of 2020.  Collaboration with FEMA, State, and Local MOHSEP was successful in acquiring approval and funding of $15M federal awards to initiate the Stormwater Master Plan.  Working with HNTB to develop and schedule watersheds priority; the first should be starting in February 2020.  Transportation & Drainage was successful in rehabbing 43 miles in 2018 to 56 miles in 2019 of local roadways in the parish. Also, steps have been taken to improve pavement preservation of approximately 64 miles.  Working closely with CATS leaders, the City-Parish Transportation and Development other Local, State, and Federal partners, these administrations secured a $15M grant from the Federal Transit Authority to help improve the BRT route from LSU campus on Nicholson Drive to the Plank Road Corridor to the Airline Hwy transfer station.  Working with community to provide safe infrastructure along our roadways for vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, and transit commuters.