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City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge

Road Closures

The City-Parish road closure listing is maintained by the Traffic Engineering Division of the Department of Transportation and Drainage. For questions or inquires about road closures, please send an email to roadclosure@brla.gov.

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Results for category 'bridge':

Closure Date RangeRoad Closure Name
05/21/19 - 05/21/28Pride Baywood
04/23/19 - 04/23/22Frenchtown
01/28/19 - 07/31/19Dyer Rd
07/23/18 - 07/01/19Claycut Bridge
08/22/16 - 01/01/25Victoria Dr Bridge
02/12/16 - 01/20/25Alphonse-Forbes Rd Bridge
11/30/15 - 02/28/25Old Baker Rd (Twin Oaks Dr) Bridge