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City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge

Road Closures

The City-Parish road closure listing is maintained by the Traffic Engineering Division of the Department of Transportation and Drainage. All current and planned City-Parish road closures are provided in the table below. Each road closure includes a hyperlink to additional details about that particular closure. For questions or inquires about City-Parish road closures, please send an email to roadclosure@brla.gov.

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Results for category 'construction':

Closure Date RangeRoad Closure Name
03/21/23 - 04/21/23Carney Rd
03/15/23 - 03/24/23Evangeline
02/27/23 - 11/27/23S Choctaw
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Whitehaven St.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Stuart Ave.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Ross Ave.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Poplar St.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Marigold Ave.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Aberdeen Ave.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Knollwood Dr.
01/09/23 - 05/09/23Orchid St.
08/29/22 - 02/02/24Gallerie St
08/29/22 - 02/02/24Tupello St
08/22/22 - 02/02/24Galerie St
08/08/22 - 08/08/23Tom Dr

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