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Any application will stay current for 90 days. If you are seeking appointment to a Board or Commission after 90 days of your original submission, you will need to fill out another application

Note: If you are applying for the following, you are required to be a resident property taxpayer of that District:
  ·   St. George Fire Protection District No. 2
  ·   Central Fire Protection District No. 4
  ·   Eastside Fire Protection District No. 5
  ·   Hooper Fire Protection District No. 6
  ·   Chaneyville Fire Protection District No. 7

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Please note that the Plan of Government - Sections 2.09, 2.13, 2.17, and 2.18 govern the Boards & Commissions.

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* To apply you must be in compliance with Parts (C) and (D) of R.S. 42:2.1, which read:
C. No person owing any outstanding fines, fees, or penalties pursuant to the Code of Governmental Ethics shall be appointed to any board or commission of the state or any political subdivision.
D. For purposes of this section, "outstanding fines, fees, or penalties pursuant to the Code of Governmental Ethics" shall mean a fine, fee, or penalty equal to an amount of two hundred fifty dollars or more imposed by the Board of Ethics for which all appeals have been exhausted.
Yes, I am in compliance with the above.
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* In accordance with Section 2.09 of the Plan of Government, you must certify that you are a registered voter in East Baton Rouge.
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