Visit Baton Rouge

Authorized by

Metro Council


Oversees Visit Baton Rouge, which has the purpose of, directly or indirectly, developing and/or carrying out programs and activities designed to attract and promote conventions and tourism in the City and Parish. The Board meets each month on the 4th Thursday, with the exception of July and November.


Parish Ordinance No. 3893 and City Ordinance No. 2905, adopted October 25, 1982, as amended, and Metropolitan Ordinances 7743, adopted December 12, 1984, as amended, and Metropolitan Ordinance 7667, adopted October 10, 1984, as amended and Metropolitan Ordinance 7943, Metropolitan Ordinance 9158, adopted October 10, 1990. Ordinance 10657, adopted June 26, 1996. Title 1, Chapter 2, Part III, Section 1:102 of the Code of Ordinances and Section 3 of Act 62 of the Louisiana Legislature of 1972: Mayoral appointment does not require council concurrence. Ordinance 15407 adopted October 24, 2012, renames the Board to Visit Baton Rouge. Ten-member board made up of appointees from the following appointments: 1. La. Restaurant Association, 2. Foundation for Historical La., 3. Baton Rouge Lodging Association, 4. Baton Rouge Lodging Association, 5. Council Appointment, 6. Council Appointment (May be a Council member), 7. Arts Council, 8. DDD Rep., 9. Baton Rouge Area Chamber, 10. Mayoral Appointment. THE COUNCIL CONCURS IN ALL APPOINTMENTS EXCEPT FOR THE MAYORAL APPOINTMENT.


3 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Claude Reynaud Jr.12/31/2024
Gary Jupiter 12/31/2024
Scott Michelet 12/31/2024
Marty Engquist 12/31/2025
Kim Ginn 1/31/2025
Robyn Merrick 12/31/2025
Mary Stein 12/31/2025
Gary Patureau 12/31/2026
J Stephen Hightower II12/31/2026
Rowdy Gaudet 12/31/2026