Board of Appeals

Authorized by

Metropolitan Council


Serves as the construction Board of Appeal and has authority on matters pertaining to building construction. The Metropolitan Council must concur in the Mayor-President's appointments. This Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 2:30.


Code of Ordinances, Title 8, Chapter 1, Section 108, Parish Ordinance 3123, and City Ordinance 2354, adopted August 13, 1969; Parish Ordinance 4985, and City Ordinance 3695, adopted March 23, 1977. Mayoral appointments require Council concurrence.


4 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Neal Miller 11/16/2023
Floyd Luster Jr2/23/2025
R. Todd Mann 6/30/2025
Dominick Sparacino 11/3/2025
Greg Flores 8/25/2025
Joseph Ardoin Jr.11/16/2023
Marcus Williams 11/3/2025
Michael LeBas Mich6/30/2025
Michael LeBas Mich6/30/2025
Fritz Embaugh 3/21/2026