Hospital Service District No. 1 - Board of Comm (Lane Regional Medical Center)

Authorized by

Metro Council


Operates as a hospital district under state law and issues tax-exempt deb; meets monthly.


Section 1051 to 1057 of Title 46 of the Louisiana revised statutes of 1950 and Resolution 2430 (Parish) adopted June 26, 1957. Changed to four-year terms by Act 149 of the 2002 First Extraordinary Session Resolution 2430 and Title 46, Chapter 10, Section 1061 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes. Members appointed to this Board must be residents of the Hospital Service District.


4 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Thomas Scott Jr.6/28/2025
Reagan Elkins, M. D. 5/9/2026
Nakeisha Cleveland 5/9/2026
David Bowman 6/25/2027
Myiesha Spears Beard 6/23/2027
Darnell Waites 6/25/2027
Deborah Brian 6/25/2027
Donna Kline 9/13/2027
Benjamin Cavin 11/9/2027