Housing Authority of East Baton Rouge Parish

Authorized by

Metro Council


Oversees the operation of the Housing Authority in East Baton Rouge Parish. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month.


L.R.S. 40:391 et seq. and unnumbered Resolution 2-10-40; and Parish Resolution 12669, and City Resolution 6105 and Act 426 of the 1990 Session of the State Legislature. LRS 40:428.


5 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Philip Smith Jr.8/9/2025
Chris Brown 8/9/2025
Shailindra "Lynn" Farris 3/27/2026
Al B. Barron 7/23/2024
Tyra Sterling 7/23/2026
Dianna Payton 7/25/2027
Justin Gaudet 7/23/2023