Planning and Zoning Commission

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Approves Planning & Zoning issues within East Baton Rouge Parish. BREC, School Board, Metro Council Member, and Mayor's Appointments terms coincides with their terms of office. Meets once a month.


Section 10.01 of the Plan of Government. Chapter 10 Section 10.01 of the Planning of Government.


4 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Jayme Ellender 12/31/2024
Chauna Banks 1/26/2025
Ulysses Addison Jr.12/31/2026
Rossie Washington, Jr.12/31/2026
Evan Scroggs 12/31/2025
Michael "Blake" Fowler 12/31/2027
Laura Brownell 12/31/2024
Jody Boyd 12/31/2027
Clifford Grout 12/31/2027