Baton Rouge North Economic Development District

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Mayor-President & Council District


The Baton Rouge North Economic Development District was created by the Louisiana Legislature in East Baton Rouge Parish. The district is a political subdivision of the state created for the purpose of developing the area included within the district in order to provide for substantial economic activity and employment opportunities. The Mayor makes one appointment to the board of directors, and one appointment is made by the council members whose council districts are located in the Baton Rouge North Economic Development District (District 2 -Banks, District 5 -Hurst, District 6 - Dunn, Jr., District 7 - Cole, and District 10 - Coleman) The Mayor and the group of Council members make the appointment directly, and no formal Metro Council action is required.


La. R.S. 33:2740.67


4 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Andrea Cosey 1/1/2019
James Gilmore Jr1/1/2021
LeRoy Davis III1/1/2023
Jackie Mims Dr.1/1/2023
Ardi Scott 1/1/2020
Stephanie Cargile 1/1/2020
Gary Chambers 1/1/2022
Ronald Smith Dr.1/2/2023
Dezmion Barrow 1/1/2021
Anthony Pope 1/1/2021
Danny Harper 1/1/2021
Bill Pizzalota 12/31/2023
Brian LaFleur 1/1/2023