Taxicab Control Board

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Issues licenses for Taxicabs in the City and Parish and further adopts rules and regulations for the proper administration and enforcement for the vehicles for hire. The board meets the last Tuesday of every month, at 9 a.m. in Conference Room A, Room 351, City Hall, 3rd Floor.


To contact Taxicab Control Board, please email Parish Ordinance No. 3968 and City Ordinance No. 2985 adopted February 28, 1973; and Ordinance 8116, adopted February 26, 1986. Title 10, Chapter 3, Section 219 of the Code of Ordinances. Other applicable Ordinances include (9023, 9152, 10584, 11140, 11725, 13008, 13625, 15001, 15137, 15538, 15539, 15730, 15744) Oath of Office not required for this Board.



MemberTerm Expiration
Cyndi Pennington
Todd Bourgoyne
Paul Arrigo
Tiara Purnell
Darryl Gissel 12/31/2025
Mike Edwards
Jerad K. Daniel