Atchafalaya Trace Commission

Authorized by

State law


The purposes of the commission include the following: (1) To protect the wet and wild nature of the Atchafalaya Basin. (2) To promote nature-based, scenic, cultural, historic, and other forms of heritage tourism. (3) To identify, strengthen, and link "gateway communities" surrounding the Atchafalaya Basin. (4) To improve transportation and communication facilities and access within the trace area. (5) To further develop family-oriented recreational facilities. (6) To preserve, enhance, protect, and interpret archaeological and historical sites and structures, architectural heritage, and cultural events, traditions, and lifeways. (7) To communicate the unique maritime cultural history of the Atchafalaya Basin and Atchafalaya Bay. (8) To develop environmental awareness and educational programs for residents and visitors. (9) To seek recognition and federal funding for the trace area as a National Heritage Area. (10) To recognize and interpret the unique contributions to the regional landscape of the oil and gas, marine and maritime, fishing and aquaculture, sugarcane, and cypress timber industries. (11) To promote and market the region through a variety of communications media including maps, guides, tapes, videos, advertisement, signage, and electronic media. (12) To stimulate the development of necessary overnight accommodations and other conveniences. (13) To promote scientific research and scholarly activities pertaining to the region's resources, economy, and lifeways. (14) To develop an integrated natural, scenic, cultural, and historic resource management plan for the trace area and assist appropriate federal, state, and local authorities in its implementation.


La. R.S. 25:1222

East Baton Rouge Parish appoints 1 member to the Atchafalaya Trace Commission.


3 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Charles Caillouet
Aaron Flegeance
Glen McGlothin
Phillip Daigle Sr
Mart Black
Chris Burton
Herman Fuselier
Clifford LeGrange
(J.A.) Jens Aubin Rummler
Carrie Stansbury
Jennifer Ritter Guidry
Hilary Collis 5/12/2026
Wilbert Carmouche