Maintenance Director (Unclassified)

JOB CODE: 3054


SALARY RANGE: $81,404 - $135,716

Department of Maintenance

Under the direction of the Mayor-President, this at-will position directs, manages, supervises, and coordinates the management and operations of three City-Parish Maintenance divisions: Drainage, Landscape, and Street. Work involves responsibility for City-Parish drainage maintenance functions including roadside ditch digging and off-road canal excavation, canal debris removal, inspections of roadside ditches and canals, concrete repair work on storm drains and catch basins, and erosion remediation; landscape maintenance functions including forestry and grass maintenance involving mowing, weed eating, and litter clean up; and street maintenance functions including asphalt and pothole patching. Duties include representation of the department in a variety of public forums (e.g. Metro Council meetings) and full management of the assigned services and related activities including financial and engineering planning, operation and maintenance, contract management, and customer service. Performs other work as requested.

Directs all aspects of three Maintenance divisions: Drainage, Landscape, and Street. Directs maintenance and repair of the City-Parish drainage systems, including review of design documents, planning and coordinating work, and budgeting of maintenance and repair needs. Directs mowing and landscape maintenance operations such as grass cutting, weed eating, spraying, tree maintenance, and state highway grass maintenance programs; directs beautification and litter control initiatives and all forestry and landscape operations that take place within the City-Parish right-of-way. Directs maintenance and repair of the City-Parish street and road system including pothole patching, curb and sidewalk repair, concrete maintenance and installation, roadway milling, and asphalt maintenance and overlays. Develops and implements goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for the assigned service areas, programs, and operations. Recommends and administers policies and procedures. Monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures; plans, develops, and implements methods and procedures designed to improve operations, minimize operating costs, and promote the most efficient use of labor and material. Plans, directs, coordinates, and reviews the work plans of direct reporting managers and support staff; assigns responsibility for work activities, projects, and programs; meets with staff to identify and resolve problems. Negotiates contracts and coordinates at a high level with consultants regarding major projects and activities. Oversees and directs the development and administration of the annual budget including the forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies. Oversees and participates in providing customer service to internal and external customers by responding to and resolving escalated sensitive inquiries and complaints; negotiates sensitive and controversial issues. Appears in a variety of public settings to represent the department, including Metro Council meetings, public hearings, public outreach programs, and before various boards and courts to testify in appeals and other legal actions. Plans, monitors, and evaluates the performance of assigned managers and staff; establishes performance requirements and personal development targets; provides feedback to recognize performance or coaching for performance improvement and development; takes disciplinary action, up to and including termination, to address performance deficiencies.

Knowledge of the methods, practices, materials, and equipment used in drainage, landscape, and street maintenance, construction, repair, and operational activities. Knowledge of the principles and practices of lawn maintenance and roadside vegetative maintenance, including weed control and trimming, mowing, litter management, curb dressing, and seeding. Knowledge of the occupational hazards involved and the safety precautions necessary to perform heavy manual work and equipment operation. Knowledge of engineering maps, records, and flood plain regulations. Knowledge of labor and material costs in drainage and street construction work. Knowledge of local ordinances and state and federal laws related to equipment operation in the public right-of-way. Knowledge of principles and practices of municipal budget preparation and administration. Knowledge in providing effective performance feedback and conducting performance appraisals. Ability to plan, schedule, and supervise a large group of professional, paraprofessional, skilled, and semiskilled employees in a variety of maintenance and construction activities. Ability to negotiate agreements and contracts. Ability to read and accurately interpret plans, specifications, and blueprints. Ability to manage public works projects. Ability to prepare and administer program budgets. Ability to analyze complex operational and administrative problems, evaluate alternatives, and recommend and/or implement effective courses of action. Ability to lead the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures, work standards, and management controls. Ability to select, motivate, and evaluate staff and provide for their training and development. Ability to communicate effectively with staff and customers by building trust, establishing partnerships, and developing collaborative problem solving approaches. Ability to represent the City-Parish to the public. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to prepare clear and concise records, reports, correspondence, and other written materials. Ability to make decisions recognizing established precedents and practices, and to use resourcefulness and tact in meeting new problems. Ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative within general policy guidelines. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City-Parish officials and managers, representatives from other government entities, engineers, architects, vendors, and contractors.


Section 5:04 of the Plan of Government: Shall (i) have received a college degree (which must include the completion of engineering courses, or business management courses, or public administration management courses) from an accredited four (4) year college or university, and (ii) have at least ten (10) years of relevant administrative/management experience.

(Unless otherwise specified below, must possess at the time of appointment and must be maintained current throughout employment in this classification.) Position may require possession of a license to practice professional engineering as issued by the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board. If license is required, must be maintained throughout employment in this position.


Unclassified job specifications may be revised at the will of the appointing authority.