All City-Parish Job Specifications

This information is provided for general career research purposes only. Positions must be open for application before employment applications will be accepted. To view the positions that are actually open for application, please click on the employment opportunities links on the left.

Job TitleStarting Salary
311 Call Center Manager$43,169
311 Call Center Representative$29,219
Account Service Specialist$30,680
Accounting Associate I$30,680
Accounting Associate II$33,825
Accounting Manager$66,972
Accreditation Analyst$32,215
Accreditation Specialist$25,271
Administrative Specialist I$25,271
Administrative Specialist I (Unclassified)$25,271
Administrative Specialist II$27,828
Administrative Specialist II (Unclassified)$27,828
Advanced EMT $33,825
Advisory Council Coordinator$43,169
Air Service Coordinator$30,680
Airport Business Manager$57,853
Airport Compliance Coordinator$37,291
Airport Construction Superintendent$39,157
Airport Development & Administrative Manager$55,097
Airport Marketing Manager$55,097
Airport Police/ARFF Chief$44,453
Airport Police/ARFF Lieutenant$42,337
Airport Police/ARFF Officer$34,830
Airport Police/ARFF Sergeant$38,400
Airport Safety & Operations Manager$55,097
Airport Supply Manager$29,219
Animal Control Field Supervisor$32,215
Animal Control Officer I$26,508
Animal Control Officer II$27,828
Animal Control Operations Manager$39,157
Assistant 311 Call Center Manager$35,516
Assistant Accounting Manager$57,853
Assistant Administrator - WIOA $45,329
Assistant Airport Business Manager$47,595
Assistant Auditing Manager$57,853
Assistant Budgeting Manager$57,853
Assistant Building Official$52,473
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (Unclassified)$77,527
Assistant Council Administrator/Treasurer (Unclassified)$66,972
Assistant Council Budget Officer (Unclassified)$57,853
Assistant Director of Aviation (Unclassified)$66,972
Assistant Director of Human Development & Services (Unclassified)$66,972
Assistant Director of Information Services$70,319
Assistant Director of Information Services (Unclassified)$70,319
Assistant Director of Juvenile Services$66,972
Assistant Director of Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (Unclassified)$57,853
Assistant Director of Mosquito & Rodent Control$61,323
Assistant EMS Business Manager$45,329
Assistant EMT Training Officer$45,329
Assistant Emergency Medical Services Administrator (Unclassified)$66,972
Assistant Environmental Services Director$77,527
Assistant Environmental Services Financial Manager$52,473
Assistant Executive Director/Downtown Development District (Unclassified)$63,782
Assistant Finance Director$73,836
Assistant Financial Projects Coordinator$47,595
Assistant Human Resources Director$66,972
Assistant Inventory & Supply Manager$30,680
Assistant Library Business Manager$47,595
Assistant Library Director$66,972
Assistant Mail Room Supervisor$23,643
Assistant Parish Attorney (Unclassified)$52,473
Assistant Planning Director (Unclassified)$66,972
Assistant Police Business Manager$43,169
Assistant Program Administrator - Head Start$45,329
Assistant Public Information Officer$47,595
Assistant Public Works Director of Management/Finance$66,972
Assistant Public Works Safety, Health & Training Officer$35,516
Assistant Public Works Superintendent$37,291
Assistant Purchasing Director (Unclassified)$57,853
Assistant Recycling Manager$32,215
Assistant Retirement Administrator (Unclassified)$63,782
Assistant Revenue Manager$57,853
Assistant Service Fee Manager$57,853
Assistant Traffic Signal Supervisor$37,291
Assistant Urban Development Director (Unclassified)$60,744
Assistant Wastewater Collections Systems Manager$49,974
Assistant Wastewater Laboratory Supervisor$39,157
Assistant to the Community Service Center Manager$26,508
Assistant to the Community Service Center Manager (Unclassified)$26,508
Auditing Manager$66,972
Automotive Attendant$23,202
Automotive Mechanic$29,219
Automotive Parts Supervisor$32,215
Automotive Parts Technician$24,092
Automotive Service Writer$29,219
Automotive Shop Supervisor$37,291
Budget Analyst$41,114
Budgeting Manager$66,972
Building Attendant$21,932
Building Attendant (10 months)$18,558
Building Attendant (9.5 months)$17,714
Building Contract Specialist$43,169
Building Official$66,972
Building Services & Security Manager$55,097
Buildings & Grounds Director (Unclassified)$73,836
Business Development Coordinator (Unclassified)$49,974
Career Development Specialist$29,219
Career Development Supervisor$35,516
Case Manager$29,219
Case Manager (9.5 Months)$23,600
Central Garage Business Officer$47,595
Chief Administrative Officer to the Mayor-President (Unclassified)$94,235
Chief Architect$70,319
Chief Auditor$52,473
Chief Budget Analyst$52,473
Chief Code Enforcement Officer$49,974
Chief Deputy Constable (Unclassified)$55,622
Chief Deputy Judicial Administrator/City Court (Unclassified)$57,853
Chief Design & Construction Engineer$73,836
Chief Development Engineer$66,972
Chief EMS Operations Officer$55,097
Chief Financial Analyst$52,473
Chief Legal Investigator$37,291
Chief Plans Analyst$45,329
Chief Program Analyst (Uncl)$52,473
Chief Purchasing Analyst$47,595
Chief Revenue Analyst$52,473
Chief Service Officer (Unclassified)$57,853
Chief Stormwater Engineer$73,836
Chief Traffic Engineer$73,836
Chief WIOA Administrator (Unclassified)$57,853
Chief of Accounting Division$49,974
Chief of Civil Division$49,974
Chief of Court Services Division$49,974
Chief of Criminal/Traffic Division$49,974
Chief of Engineering & Technology/Wastewater$73,836
Chief of Operations & Maintenance/Wastewater$73,836
Chief of Probation Division$49,974
Chief of Records Division$49,974
Chief of Staff $94,235
City Prosecutor (Unclassified)$66,972
Claims Adjuster$35,516
Clerical Specialist$22,771
Clerical Specialist (9.5 months)$18,392
Clerk of City Court/Judicial Administrator (Unclassified)$73,836
Code Enforcement Manager$66,972
Code Enforcement Officer I$30,680
Code Enforcement Officer II$32,215
Code Enforcement Officer III$35,516
Code Enforcement Officer IV$37,291
Code Enforcement Officer V$43,169
Communications Security Specialist$23,202
Communications Technician$29,219
Community Development Manager$57,853
Community Development Program Manager (Uncl)$52,473
Community Outreach Coordinator (Unclassified)$47,595
Community Outreach Specialist$41,114
Community Outreach Specialist (Unclassified)$41,114
Community Relations Supervisor$43,169
Community Service Center Manager$38,411
Community Service Center Manager (Unclassified)$38,411
Complaint Investigator$25,271
Complaint Manager$43,169
Complaint Specialist$32,215
Complete Streets Project Manager$63,782
Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst I$39,157
Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst II$43,169
Computer/Electronics Systems Manager$55,097
Computer/Electronics Systems Technician$39,157
Confidential Secretary (Unclassified)$38,411
Constituent Relations Representative$38,411
Content Area Specialist$32,215
Content Area Specialist (9.5 months)$26,019
Cook (9.5 months)$17,714
Council Administrator/Treasurer (Unclassified)$89,747
Council Budget Officer (Unclassified)$70,319
Crime Laboratory Technician$35,516
Crime Specialist$25,271
DHDS Accounting Section Supervisor$47,595
Data Coordinator $41,114
Debt Management Officer$55,097
Deputy Building Official$55,097
Deputy Chief EMS Operations Officer$52,473
Deputy Chief of Probation$41,114
Deputy Clerk II of City Court$35,516
Deputy Clerk of City Court$30,680
Deputy Constable$34,147
Deputy Constable - Captain$43,581
Deputy Constable - Lieutenant$41,507
Deputy Constable - Sergeant$37,647
Deputy Judicial Administrator/City Court$52,473
Deputy Library Director (Unclassified)$70,319
Deputy Parish Attorney$70,319
Design and Marketing Coordinator$47,595
Detention Cook/Laundry Worker$21,932
Detention Facility Counselor$37,291
Detention Facility Manager$47,595
Detention Facility Shift Supervisor$33,825
Development Director (Unclassified)$73,836
Development Project Manager$55,097
Director of Aviation (Unclassified)$94,235
Director of Human Development & Services (Unclassified)$73,836
Director of Information Services (Unclassified)$77,527
Director of Juvenile Services (Unclassified)$73,836
Director of Litigation & Risk Management (Unclassified)$66,972
Director of Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (Unclassified)$77,527
Director of Mosquito & Rodent Control (Unclassified)$74,539
Director of Special Projects$66,972
Director, Alcoholic Beverage Control/Gaming Enforcement$60,744
Director, Animal Control & Rescue Center$60,744
Drainage Maintenance Manager$66,972
Drug Technician$23,643
EEO/Affirmative Action Compliance Officer$35,516
EMS Billing Manager$43,169
EMS Business Manager$52,473
EMS Compliance Specialist$45,329
EMS Deputy Shift Supervisor$45,329
EMS Employee Development Officer$52,473
EMS Planning & Research Manager$52,473
EMS Planning & Research Specialist$45,329
EMS Public Education Manager$52,473
EMS Public Service Coordinator$45,329
EMS Safety, Health & Training Officer$39,157
EMS Shift Supervisor$49,974
EMS Unit Commander$41,115
EMT Basic$30,680
EMT Paramedic$39,157
EMT Training Officer$52,473
ERSEA Specialist$37,679
Electrical & Instrument Supervisor$37,291
Emergency Communications Assistant Shift Supervisor$41,115
Emergency Communications Chief of Operations$52,473
Emergency Communications Officer$39,157
Emergency Communications Shift Supervisor$45,329
Emergency Medical Services Administrator (Unclassified)$77,527
Emergency Preparedness Chief of Operations$49,974
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator$45,329
Emergency Preparedness Specialist$37,291
Engineer Intern$43,169
Engineer Intern Applicant$37,291
Engineering Aide I$26,508
Engineering Aide II$29,219
Engineering Aide III$33,825
Engineering Aide Trainee$23,202
Engineering Technician$37,291
Environmental & Wastewater Pretreatment Manager$55,097
Environmental Coordinator$66,972
Environmental Services Director (Unclassified)$85,474
Environmental Services Financial Manager$66,972
Environmental Specialist$33,825
Executive Assistant$35,516
Executive Assistant to the Mayor-President (Unclassified)$57,853
Executive Director/Downtown Development District (Unclassified)$85,474
Executive Program Administrator$57,853
Facilities Manager$47,595
Family Advocate$23,643
Family Advocate (9.5 months)$19,096
Family Service Worker$26,508
Family Service Worker (Unclassified)$26,508
Federal & State Grants Coordinator (Unclassified)$47,595
Finance Director (Unclassified)$81,404
Financial Analyst$41,114
Financial Projects Coordinator$55,097
Fiscal Specialist$23,643
Fixed Assets Manager$37,291
Fleet Management Director (Unclassified)$66,972
Floodplain Manager$52,473
Food & Laundry Service Supervisor$24,092
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst$37,291
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator$49,974
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager$57,853
Grant Administrator (Unclassified)$52,473
Grants Property Manager$27,828
Head Start Center Supervisor$33,825
Head Start Center Supervisor (9.5 months)$27,320
Head Start Practice - Based Coach$27,828
Heavy Equipment Operator$24,092
Housing Inspector$27,828
Human Resources Analyst$43,169
Human Resources Director (Unclassified)$77,527
Human Resources Division Manager$57,853
Human Resources Specialist$27,828
Humane Enforcement Officer$29,219
Information Services Database Manager$60,744
Information Services Network Administrator$52,473
Information Services Outreach Coordinator$47,595
Information Services Project Manager$57,853
Information Services Senior Server Analyst$49,974
Information Services Web Author$43,169
Intake Specialist$25,271
Intern Architect$43,169
Inventory & Supply Manager$37,291
Inventory Supervisor$26,508
Judicial Aide (Unclassified)$38,411
Juvenile Detention Officer I$26,508
Juvenile Detention Officer II$29,219
Juvenile Probation Counselor I$33,825
Juvenile Probation Counselor II$37,291
Juvenile Probation Officer$29,219
Juvenile Probation Officer/POST Certified$33,825
Juvenile Services Manager$47,595
Kitchen Supervisor$23,202
Kitchen Supervisor (9.5 months)$18,740
Laboratory Technician$33,825
Landscape Architect$45,329
Law Clerk (Unclassified)$24,092
Legal Administrative Supervisor$33,825
Legal Assistant$30,680
Legal Investigator$30,680
Legal Research Aide (Unclassified)$32,215
Legal Secretary$32,215
Legal Specialist$25,271
Legislative Assistant I (Part Time) (Unclassified)$25,271
Legislative Assistant II (Unclassified)$38,411
Librarian I$39,157
Librarian II$43,169
Librarian III$49,974
Librarian IV$57,853
Library Aide$21,932
Library Business Manager$57,853
Library Director (Unclassified)$77,527
Library Page$21,932
Library Technician I$30,680
Library Technician II$33,825
Library Technician III$35,516
Licensed Clinical Social Worker$52,473
MS4 Permit Manager$55,097
Mail Clerk$22,347
Mail Room Supervisor$27,828
Maintenance Director (Unclassified)$81,404
Maintenance Worker I$22,347
Maintenance Worker II$23,202
Maintenance Worker III$24,092
Maintenance Worker Supervisor I$26,508
Maintenance Worker Supervisor II$30,680
Master Mechanic$33,825
Mechanical Operations Manager$45,329
Mechanical Operations Supervisor$37,291
Mosquito Control Aircraft Operations Manager (Unclassified)$61,323
Mosquito Control Specialist$32,215
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist$30,680
Network Technician I$32,215
Network Technician II$37,291
Night Spray Supervisor$33,825
Nutrition Supervisor$33,825
PC LAN Administrator$45,329
PC LAN Specialist$39,157
Parish Attorney (Unclassified)$81,404
Parish Attorney Operations Coordinator$37,291
Parishwide Landscape Manager$66,972
Parking Garage Coordinator$32,215
Parking Meter Collector$22,771
Pest Control Inspector I$27,828
Pest Control Inspector II$30,680
Pest Control Inspector III$33,825
Planner I$30,680
Planner II$37,291
Planner III$43,169
Planning Director (Unclassified)$77,527
Planning Manager$49,974
Planning Project Coordinator$55,097
Plans Analyst I$32,215
Plans Analyst II$35,516
Plans Analyst III$39,157
Plant Electrician$35,516
Plant Electrician Trainee$29,219
Plant Instrument Technician$35,516
Plant Instrument Technician Trainee$29,219
Police Business Manager$49,974
Police Evidence Technician$29,219
Police Victim Advocate$29,219
Pretrial Coordinator$43,169
Probation Officer$30,680
Probation Officer/POST Certified$33,825
Professional Engineer I$52,473
Professional Engineer II$55,097
Professional Engineer III$60,744
Professional Engineer IV$63,782
Professional Land Surveyor$60,744
Program Administrator - HIV/AIDS$55,097
Program Administrator - Head Start$55,097
Program Administrator - Social Services$55,097
Program Administrator - WIOA (Unclassified)$55,097
Program Analyst$49,974
Program Coordinator$45,329
Program Planning Analyst II$35,516
Program Specialist$29,219
Property & Development Coordinator$43,169
Public Information Officer (Unclassified)$57,853
Public Relations Coordinator$35,516
Public Relations Specialist$29,219
Public Works Accounting Section Supervisor$47,595
Public Works Business Manager$52,473
Public Works Employee Relations Analyst$39,157
Public Works Operations Manager$49,974
Public Works Safety, Health & Training Coordinator$57,853
Public Works Safety, Health & Training Officer$39,157
Public Works Superintendent$45,329
Pump Maintenance Manager$55,097
Purchasing Analyst I$32,215
Purchasing Analyst II$35,516
Purchasing Director (Unclassified)$73,836
Quality Assurance Manager - Ryan White $47,595
Records Supervisor$29,219
Recycling Coordinator$45,329
Recycling Manager$52,473
Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma (ReCast) Program Manager (Unclassified)$45,329
Retirement Administrator (Unclassified)$85,474
Retirement Analyst$41,114
Retirement Benefits Manager$57,853
Retirement Financial Manager$57,853
Revenue Analyst$41,114
Revenue Inspector$33,825
Revenue Manager$66,972
Revenue Supervisor$37,291
Right-of-Way Agent I$35,516
Right-of-Way Agent II$39,157
Safety Officer$43,169
Sanitation Manager$60,744
Secretary to the Assistant Chief Administrative Officers (Unclassified)$41,114
Secretary to the Chief Administrative Officer (Unclassified)$43,169
Secretary to the Mayor-President (Unclassified)$41,114
Senior Administrative Specialist$30,680
Senior Administrative Specialist$30,680
Senior Architect$60,744
Senior Auditor$47,595
Senior Automotive Attendant$24,092
Senior Automotive Mechanic$30,680
Senior Budget Analyst$47,595
Senior Career Development Specialist$32,215
Senior Clerical Specialist$23,643
Senior Clerical Specialist (Unclassified)$23,643
Senior Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst$49,974
Senior Crime Specialist$29,219
Senior Deputy Clerk of City Court$43,169
Senior Engineer Intern$47,595
Senior Financial Analyst$47,595
Senior Fiscal Specialist$25,271
Senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst$43,169
Senior Housing Inspector$29,219
Senior Human Resources Analyst$49,974
Senior Human Resources Specialist$33,825
Senior Juvenile Probation Counselor$41,114
Senior Juvenile Probation Officer/POST Certified$39,157
Senior Legal Investigator$33,825
Senior Legal Specialist$27,828
Senior Network Technician$45,329
Senior Planner$43,169
Senior Probation Officer$33,825
Senior Probation Officer/POST Certified$39,157
Senior Program Specialist$32,215
Senior Prosecutor (Unclassified)$49,974
Senior Purchasing Analyst$43,169
Senior Retirement Analyst$47,595
Senior Revenue Analyst$47,595
Senior Right-of-Way Agent$43,169
Senior Special Assistant Parish Attorney (Unclassified)$63,782
Senior Special Assistant Parish Attorney/Airport Legal Counsel (Unclassified)$63,782
Senior Stock Clerk$24,092
Senior Telecommunications Technician$45,329
Senior Trades Specialist$35,516
Senior Trades Technician$25,271
Senior Wastewater Mechanic$35,516
Server Analyst$43,169
Service Fee Investigator$30,680
Service Fee Manager$66,972
Sign Fabricator$26,508
Social Services Coordinator$32,215
Solid Waste Manager$52,473
Special Assistant Parish Attorney (Unclassified)$60,744
Special Assistant Parish Attorney/Airport Legal Counsel (Unclassified)$60,744
Special Projects Architect$66,972
Special Projects Engineer$66,972
Spray Systems Servicer$30,680
Spray Systems Supervisor$35,516
Stock Clerk I$21,932
Stock Clerk II$23,202
Street Light Coordinator$27,828
Street Maintenance Manager$66,972
Student Librarian$33,825
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Manager$60,744
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Operator$37,292
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Operator Trainee$26,508
Supplier Diversity Manager$57,853
Surveillance-System Monitor$25,271
Sustainability & Renewable Energy Coordinator$43,169
Teacher (9.5 months)$22,476
Teacher Advanced$30,680
Teacher Advanced (9.5 months)$24,780
Teacher Aide$24,092
Teacher Aide (9.5 months)$19,459
Telecommunications Chief of Operations$52,473
Telecommunications Technician$37,291
Trades Specialist$32,215
Trades Technician$23,202
Tradeswork Supervisor$33,825
Traffic Signal Supervisor$41,114
Traffic Signal Technician I$26,508
Traffic Signal Technician II$30,680
Traffic Signal Technician III$33,825
Traffic Signal Trainee$23,202
Transportation & Drainage Director (Unclassified)$85,474
Treatment Plant Operator I$32,215
Treatment Plant Operator II$35,516
Treatment Plant Operator Trainee$25,271
Urban Development Director (Unclassified)$66,972
Urban Forestry & Landscape Manager$49,974
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Manager$49,974
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Manager (Unclassified)$49,974
Wastewater Asset Manager$60,744
Wastewater Certification Instructor$32,215
Wastewater Collections Systems Manager$55,097
Wastewater Inspections Coordinator$45,329
Wastewater Laboratory Supervisor$45,329
Wastewater Mechanic$32,215
Wastewater Mechanic Trainee$26,508
Wastewater Service Inspector$25,271
Wastewater Treatment Maintenance Manager$45,329
Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager$55,097
Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor$45,329