Animal Control Officer II

JOB CODE: 2176


SALARY RANGE: $27,828 - $47,376

Animal Control and Rescue Center

Under the general supervision of an employee of a higher classification, performs responsible and specialized investigative field and office work within the City-Parish Animal Control department. Work involves investigating complaints of cruelty to animals and violations of animal control ordinances; issuing misdemeanor summonses for violations; capturing unlicensed, stray, and uncontrolled domestic animals, livestock, wildlife, and exotics; and setting and retrieving humane animal traps. Employees of this class are required to exercise considerable independent judgment and tact in order to take actions based on knowledge received through both formal and on-the-job training. Occasional supervision may be exercised over lower level employees. Work hours require assignment to a team on a rotation that may include nights and weekends. Performs other work as requested.

Writes and issues misdemeanor summons to owners of domestic animals, livestock, wildlife, and exotics in violation of the City-Parish ordinances; enforces City-Parish Animal Control ordinances; performs work in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies. Captures unlicensed, stray, uncontrolled, sick or injured domestic animals, livestock, wildlife, and exotics that have bitten humans and transports them to the Animal Control Center. Investigates complaints of cruelty to animals and violations of animal control ordinances; testifies in court regarding ordinance violations; assists in training and providing occasional supervision over new personnel; and explains animal control ordinances to the public. Sets up and retrieves humane animal traps for parish residents requesting this service; accepts animal trap deposits. Prepares background and descriptive data records on animals impounded or rescued. Educates the public on responsible animal ownership. Rescues animals in distress, and resolves animal related neighborhood disputes. Drives and maintains vehicle or animal control unit. Operates two-way radio; maintains equipment.

Knowledge of City-Parish ordinances as they apply to the Animal Control Center. Knowledge of City-Parish geography (main highways, streets and landmarks). Knowledge of the techniques used in capturing domestic animals, livestock, wildlife and exotics with no fear of handling animals under conditions of extreme duress. Knowledge of the various species of domestic animals, livestock, wildlife, and exotics especially those that are common to this area. Knowledge of the proper techniques used in the physical handling of domestic animals, livestock, wildlife, and exotics. Knowledge of the symptoms of rabies and other common animal illnesses. Knowledge of the general operating methods and practices of other City-Parish enforcement agencies. Ability to communicate orally with the public in a professional and tactful manner. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the general public. Ability to possess mature judgment and emotional stability under a wide variety of working conditions. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions and ascertain facts through investigations. Ability to accurately prepare and maintain a variety of written records and reports. Ability to apply good work habits such as punctuality, reliability, preciseness, and dependability in order to effectively complete assigned tasks and contribute to the smooth operation of the department and division.


High school diploma, GED, HiSET, or equivalent certificate of competency, and must not be less than twenty-one (21) years of age; and one year of experience in animal control work, college related coursework, or law enforcement.

Any equivalent combination of education and experience.

(Unless otherwise specified below, must possess at the time of appointment and must be maintained current throughout employment in this classification.) Must have a valid Louisiana driver's license at the time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment in this classification. Ability to attend school and obtain credentials for Cruelty Investigator. Ability to obtain a law enforcement commission from the Director of the Animal Control Center as amended in Title 14, Section 111 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge.


The work examples described in this specification are intended only as an illustration of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from job performance requirements if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the job.