Federal & State Grants Coordinator (Unclassified)

JOB CODE: 3618


SALARY RANGE: $47,595 - $80,659

Mayor-President's Office

Under the general direction of the Mayor-President, performs administrative and professional work related to seeking, writing and coordinating federal and state grants specifically for the benefit of the local government or units of the local government. Primary duties include seeking grant opportunities, writing applications, maintaining and managing grant documentation, and producing regular status reports. Work involves responsibility for coordinating grant activity, including researching and identifying potential grant opportunities; the development and implementation of grant proposals; tracking status; and providing professional or technical assistance to other City-Parish departments as relates to grant activities. Work is reviewed periodically through report and results achieved. Performs other work as requested.

Identifies grant opportunities via web research, catalogs, networking and other methods; research, identify and develop funding sources other than tax revenues to support current and future city programs or projects. Writes concise, persuasive, and detailed narratives in a manner that meets the requirements of potential funding sources; analyzes, understands, interprets and uses data to tell a compelling story about the community and its needs. Conceptualizes how potential grants can be translated into quality programs that align with the City-Parish mission to its citizens; stays abreast of needs of the community. Develops relationships to interact and collaborate with representatives of federal, state and other public sector organizations, private consultants, foundations and citizens. Assists city departments with determining possible grant needs and sources; obtains grant applications and assists city departments to prepare and submit grant funding applications to federal or state government or non-governmental agencies; reviews and edits draft grant applications for completeness and accuracy. Serves as a liaison to employees, current and potential funding sources, and external organizations; represents the City-Parish at a variety of meetings, public events, committees, and/or other related events. Compiles, interprets, and applies demographic and statistical information necessary for grant applications; creates, tracks and maintains grant database. Maintains an accurate citywide grant program activity log; assists in preparing reports to evaluate program strengths and weaknesses, identifies compliance with grant requirements or contract violations. Serves as representative of agency submitting grants at local civic or governmental review committee meetings; coordinates review of grant proposals with federal, state and local officials to expedite approval and implementation of programs.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of grant writing, grant program funding, implementation and grant administration. Knowledge of local, state and federal policies, regulations, procedures and reports regarding grant and contract administration as it applies to grant funding. Knowledge of the functions of various city departments and resources in the government, public, private, non-profit or education sectors to facilitate grant sourcing. Skill in the operation of modern office equipment and in the use of standard computer applications. Skill in grant research techniques and writing, preparing technical reports, proposals and correspondence, project management, making presentations and presenting ideas clearly and concisely in writing and/or verbally. Ability to compile and analyze statistical data and make effective recommendations in regards to the preparation or administration of grants. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrative officials, other employees and the general public. Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, to groups and to individuals. Ability to apply good work habits such as punctuality, reliability, preciseness, and dependability in order to effectively complete assigned tasks and contribute to the smooth operation of the department or division.


Bachelor's degree with major course work in business administration, public administration, or a closely related field, and three years of related experience researching, writing, and overseeing grants; experience with a municipal government or non-profit agency is desirable.

(Unless otherwise specified below, must possess at the time of appointment and must be maintained current throughout employment in this classification.) Must have a valid Louisiana driver's license at the time of appointment and maintain throughout employment in this classification.


Unclassified job specifications may be revised at the will of the appointing authority.