Chief Deputy Judicial Administrator/City Court (Unclassified)

JOB CODE: 3012


SALARY RANGE: $55,098 - $92,726

City Court

This is a professional court administrative, supervisory, and record keeping/management position in the Baton Rouge City Court. Work involves using independent judgment and discretion in performing duties and responsibilities which include coordination and evaluation of work flow and effective processing of court cases, record keeping, docket preparation, courtroom services, clerical services for judges, collection and recording of funds, processing certain legal instruments, and related work. Duties include planning, assigning, supervising, and participating in the work of a large sized staff. Work is performed under the general direction of the Clerk of City Court/Judicial Administrator of Baton Rouge City Court. This employee exercises considerable judgment and discretion in carrying out the day-to-day administration of the system and assumes the duties of the Clerk of Court/Judicial Administrator in his/her absence. Performs other work as requested.

In the absence of the Clerk of City Court/Judicial Administrator, serves as Clerk of City Court/Judicial Administrator by performing all related duties commensurate with this designation. Assists in organizing, assigning and supervising the work of a professional, supervisory, and clerical staff in preparing court records, indexing, typing legal documents, collecting monies, providing information and preparing dockets; gives assistance to subordinates and instructions on changes in policies and procedures. Assists in signing all certified copies of judgments, all citations, writs, seizures, garnishments and judgment debtor rules, certifying all notices of conviction to State Drivers' License Bureau; signing all commitments to Parish Jail and all releases from the same; signing all criminal and civil subpoenas; signing all affidavits on criminal cases tried in City Court; signing all bench warrants; assists in preparing all appellate transcripts; assists in ensuring that case processing systems and procedures are efficient and effective. Assists in analyzing the City Court system's fiscal needs in preparing, presenting and justifying the judicial budget; represents the City Court system at budget hearings; assists in ensuring that appropriate statistical information is compiled and reported timely; assists in analyzing and reviewing computerized case management system in order to recommend programming changes which would increase efficiency and meet new requirements; assists in setting priorities for changes; assists in supervising and approving the ordering of materials, equipment, and supplies; supervises preparation of statistical reports on operations and disposition of cases and coordinates the operations of the Court; provides information to interested and authorized parties from court files. Through subordinate personnel, assists in managing all aspects of record processing, storage and retrieval; assists in supervising data processing activities of the court; supervises personnel records processing and other related personnel activities; recommends or assists in initiating, as appropriate, procedural changes necessary to provide timely and accurate service to the general public, attorneys and judges. Attends and participates in Judges' meetings; confers with judges, attorneys and public and private agencies to ensure adequate operational services and to provide for changing or unusual demands; assists in explaining Court rules, policies and procedures. Assists in ensuring that the physical plant of the Court building and grounds are maintained and secure; has knowledge of security measures. Conducts background research necessary for special projects related to court management and relevant to operating and administrative policies and procedures or other special projects as assigned; develops policies, procedures and a variety of analytical staff assignments relating to court operations and services; keeps abreast of changes in laws, rules, regulations and other matters that affect the operations of the City Court; assists in developing new revenue sources to supplement regular appropriations; assists in communicating the Court's goals and achievements in the community to external groups and media representatives; assists the Clerk of City Court/Judicial Administrator or Judges with any special projects; assists in assessing efficiency of specific operations of the Court and in recommending courses of action upon request.

Knowledge of court procedures, laws and regulations pertinent to the Baton Rouge City Court. Knowledge of the organization, operations, functions and scope of authority of the Baton Rouge City Court. Knowledge of the policies and procedures of municipal budgeting, personnel management, and purchasing operations. Knowledge of modern office practices and procedures and ability to use equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, overhead projectors and other media equipment. Knowledge of bookkeeping principles and practices and grant request preparation. Skill in leadership and supervision and conducting research and evaluating findings. Ability to read and interpret complex legal records and regulatory documents and make-work decisions in accordance with laws, regulations and court policies and procedures. Ability to analyze complex fiscal and administrative policies and to recommend and implement proper courses of action. Ability to coordinate, plan, and supervise a variety of complex court projects and programs. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with judges, employees and others contacted in the course of work. Ability to plan, organize, assign and supervise the work of a professional and clerical staff and to deal tactfully and skillfully with officials, attorneys, complainants, prisoners, and others contacted in relation to Court operations. Ability to maintain the highest standard of integrity and observe confidentiality of all judicial branch matters. Ability to communicate and present information and ideas to individuals and groups, both orally, and in writing.


Bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field and three years of progressively responsible experience in an administrative/professional capacity in a court system. An advanced degree or Juris Doctorate with four years of supervisory experience, or ten years in court administration may be substituted in lieu of minimum training and experience.

(Unless otherwise specified below, must possess at the time of appointment and must be maintained current throughout employment in this classification.) A Louisiana licensed attorney is desirable.


Unclassified job specifications may be revised at the will of the appointing authority.