PC LAN Specialist

JOB CODE: 1670


SALARY RANGE: $39,157 - $66,662

Various City-Parish Departments

Under the direction of an employee of a higher classification, maintains or assists in the maintenance and development of Local Area Network (LAN), network equipment, servers, workstations, mobile devices, printers, peripheral devices, and software. Additionally, employees of this class are responsible for work in the design of reports, procedures, and databases for the automation of a very large department (e.g. Library, City Court, etc.). Incumbents of this class are also responsible for maintaining the consistency of data contained in the computer network system along with the teaching and training of personnel. An employee in this class may be subject to after-hours calls for situations needing immediate attention. Performs other work as requested. Note: Some employees within this classification are hired on a part-time basis and paid at an hourly rate.

Designs or revises forms, reports, and databases. Revises data entry procedures; detects errors in data entry or format. Prepares written instructions for running program design or running reports. Revises raw data for automation; corrects corrupted data files. Evaluates new software and hardware. Manages vendor supplied repairs and warranties. Prepares end-user instruction and documentation, and trains on the use of personal computers, mobile devices, printers, peripheral devices, and client-based software; confers with end-users, co-workers, and/or superiors to assist in resolving problems. Installs, configures, maintains, troubleshoots, and temporarily replaces network equipment, network servers, workstations, mobile devices, printers, peripheral devices, and software; relocates and installs equipment as needed. May repair personal computers and other network hardware. Receives, tracks, and resolves trouble calls involving network equipment, servers, workstations, mobile devices, printers, peripheral devices, and software; reports the nature of the problems to outside service representatives; maintains a repair log and keeps track of equipment sent and returned for repairs; checks equipment being returned from repair; verifies with end-users that equipment is functioning properly. Evaluates workload and capacity of computer systems to determine feasibility of expanding or enhancing the LAN. Teaches computer literacy class and specialized classes; designs teaching aids for classes.

Knowledge of structured techniques of PC network administration. Knowledge of computer hardware and software. Knowledge of best data security practices, risk mitigation, intrusion detection, damage mitigation, disaster recovery, and legal liability concerns. Knowledge of network equipment, servers, workstations, mobile devices, printers, peripheral devices, and software operations and probable cause of malfunctions. Ability to troubleshoot network, workstation, mobile device, printer, peripheral device, and client/server based software. Ability to use network test equipment to troubleshoot malfunctions in the network. Knowledge of computer design and analysis. Ability to analyze procedures and systems and develop problem solving strategies. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. Ability to use written, oral, and interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with co-workers and non-technical end-users. Ability to apply good work habits such as punctuality, reliability, preciseness, and dependability in order to effectively complete assigned tasks and contribute to the smooth operation of the department and division.


Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field.

Any equivalent combination of education and experience.

(Unless otherwise specified below, must possess at the time of appointment and must be maintained current throughout employment in this classification.) None.


The work examples described in this specification are intended only as an illustration of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from job performance requirements if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the job.