Occupational Groups for MEDICAL AND SAFETY

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Annual salaries listed are for 40 hour positions. Part time positions are paid at an hourly rate (Click on salary link to view.)

Job TitleStarting Salary
Advanced EMT $32,215
Airport Compliance Coordinator$35,516
Airport Safety & Operations Manager$52,474
Assistant EMT Training Officer$43,171
Assistant Public Works Safety, Health & Training Officer$33,825
Chief EMS Operations Officer$52,474
Claims Adjuster$33,825
Crime Laboratory Technician$33,825
Deputy Chief EMS Operations Officer$49,975
Drug Technician$21,876
EMS Deputy Shift Supervisor$43,171
EMS Employee Development Officer$49,975
EMS Planning & Research Manager$49,975
EMS Planning & Research Specialist$43,171
EMS Public Education Manager$49,975
EMS Public Service Coordinator$43,171
EMS Shift Supervisor$47,595
EMS Unit Commander$39,157
EMT Basic$29,219
EMT Paramedic$37,293
EMT Training Officer$49,975
Emergency Communications Assistant Shift Supervisor$39,157
Emergency Communications Chief of Operations$49,975
Emergency Communications Officer$37,293
Emergency Communications Shift Supervisor$43,171
Emergency Preparedness Chief of Operations$47,595
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator$43,171
Emergency Preparedness Specialist$35,516
Public Works Safety, Health & Training Officer$37,293
Public Works Safety, Health, & Training Coordinator$55,098
RN-Medical Review Program Specialist$41,114
Risk & Claims Manager$55,098
Risk Management Project Coordinator$47,595
Safety Officer$41,114