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Annual salaries listed are for 40 hour positions. Part time positions are paid at an hourly rate (Click on salary link to view.)

Job TitleStarting Salary
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (Unclassified)$73,836
Assistant Council Administrator/Treasurer (Unclassified)$63,783
Assistant Council Budget Officer (Unclassified)$55,098
Assistant Director of Aviation (Unclassified)$63,783
Assistant Director of Human Development & Services (Unclassified)$63,783
Assistant Director of Information Services$66,971
Assistant Director of Information Services (Unclassified)$66,971
Assistant Director of Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (Unclassified)$55,098
Assistant Director of Mosquito & Rodent Control$58,403
Assistant Emergency Medical Services Administrator (Unclassified)$63,783
Assistant Executive Director/Downtown Development District (Unclassified)$60,745
Assistant Finance Director$70,320
Assistant Human Resources Director$63,783
Assistant Planning Director (Unclassified)$63,783
Assistant Purchasing Director (Unclassified)$55,098
Assistant Retirement Administrator (Unclassified)$60,745
Assistant Urban Development Director$57,852
Assistant Urban Development Director (Unclassified)$57,852
Buildings & Grounds Director (Unclassified)$70,320
Chief Administrative Officer to the Mayor-President (Unclassified)$89,748
Chief Deputy Constable (Unclassified)$49,975
Chief Deputy Judicial Administrator/City Court (Unclassified)$55,098
Chief WIOA Administrator (Unclassified)$55,098
Clerk of City Court/Judicial Administrator (Unclassified)$70,320
Council Administrator/Treasurer (Unclassified)$85,474
Council Budget Officer (Unclassified)$66,971
Deputy Library Director (Unclassified)$66,971
Development Director (Unclassified)$70,320
Director of Aviation (Unclassified)$89,748
Director of Human Development & Services (Unclassified)$70,320
Director of Information Services (Unclassified)$73,836
Director of Juvenile Services (Unclassified)$70,320
Director of Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (Unclassified)$73,836
Director of Mosquito & Rodent Control (Unclassified)$70,990
Director, Animal Control & Rescue Center$57,852
Emergency Medical Services Administrator (Unclassified)$73,836
Environmental Services Director (Unclassified)$81,404
Executive Director/Downtown Development District (Unclassified)$81,404
Finance Director (Unclassified)$77,528
First Assistant Parish Attorney (Unclassified)$70,320
Fleet Management Director (Unclassified)$63,783
Human Resources Director (Unclassified)$73,836
Library Director (Unclassified)$73,836
Maintenance Director (Unclassified)$77,528
Parish Attorney (Unclassified)$77,528
Planning Director (Unclassified)$73,836
Public Information Officer (Unclassified)$55,098
Purchasing Director (Unclassified)$70,320
Retirement Administrator (Unclassified)$66,971
Transportation & Drainage Director (Unclassified)$81,404
Urban Development Director (Unclassified)$63,783