Occupational Groups for SOCIAL SERVICES

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Annual salaries listed are for 40 hour positions. Part time positions are paid at an hourly rate (Click on salary link to view.)

Job TitleStarting Salary
Assistant Program Administrator - Head Start$43,171
Assistant to the Community Service Center Manager$25,246
Assistant to the Community Service Center Manager (Unclassified)$25,246
Bus Monitor$15,080
Business Development Coordinator (Unclassified)$47,595
Career Development Specialist$25,246
Career Development Supervisor$30,681
Chief Service Officer $55,098
Chief Service Officer (Unclassified)$55,098
Chief of Probation$43,171
Community Development Division Manager$45,329
Community Outreach Coordinator$45,329
Community Outreach Coordinator (Unclassified)$45,329
Community Outreach Specialist (Unclassified)$39,157
Community Relations Supervisor$30,681
Community Service Center Manager$36,582
Community Service Center Manager (Unclassified)$36,582
Content Area Specialist$27,828
Content Area Specialist (9.5 months)$22,476
Court Services Coordinator$41,114
Data Coordinator $39,157
Deputy Chief of Probation$39,157
Detention Facility Counselor$35,516
Detention Facility Manager$45,329
EEO/Affirmative Action Compliance Officer$33,825
Executive Program Administrator$55,098
Family Advocate$21,876
Family Advocate (9.5 months)$17,669
Family Service Worker$25,246
Family Service Worker (Unclassified)$25,246
Federal & State Grants Coordinator (Unclassified)$45,329
Grant Monitor (Unclassified)$36,582
Head Start Center Supervisor$26,503
Head Start Center Supervisor (9.5 months)$21,406
Head Start Practice - Based Coach$26,503
Juvenile Probation Counselor I$32,215
Juvenile Probation Counselor II$35,516
Juvenile Probation Manager$45,329
Juvenile Probation Officer$27,828
Juvenile Probation Officer/POST Certified$32,215
Licensed Clinical Social Worker$49,975
Nutrition Supervisor$32,215
Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) Program Manager (Unclassified)$49,975
Police Victim Advocate$27,828
Pretrial Coordinator$41,114
Probation Officer$29,219
Probation Officer/POST Certified$32,215
Program Administrator - HIV/AIDS$49,975
Program Administrator - Head Start$49,975
Program Administrator - Social Services$49,975
Program Administrator - WIOA (Unclassified)$47,595
Program Analyst$35,516
Program Planning Analyst II$33,825
Program Specialist$27,828
Quality Assurance Manager - Head Start$45,329
Quality Assurance Manager - Ryan White $45,329
Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma (ReCast) Program Manager (Unclassified)$43,171
Senior Career Development Specialist$27,828
Senior Juvenile Probation Counselor$39,157
Senior Juvenile Probation Officer/POST Certified$37,293
Senior Probation Officer$32,215
Senior Probation Officer/POST Certified$37,293
Senior Program Analyst$41,114
Senior Program Specialist$30,681
Social Services Coordinator$27,828
Social Services Information Analyst$33,825
Teacher (9.5 months)$16,847
Teacher Advanced$21,876
Teacher Advanced (9.5 months)$17,669
Teacher Aide$19,717
Teacher Aide (9.5 months)$15,925