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Annual salaries listed are for 40 hour positions. Part time positions are paid at an hourly rate (Click on salary link to view.)

Job TitleStarting Salary
Airport Construction Superintendent$37,293
Assistant Public Works Superintendent$35,516
Assistant Traffic Signal Supervisor$35,516
Assistant Wastewater Collections Systems Manager$47,595
Automotive Attendant$20,859
Automotive Mechanic$27,828
Automotive Service Writer$27,828
Automotive Shop Supervisor$35,516
Building Services & Security Manager$52,474
Complaint Investigator$24,068
Complaint Investigator Supervisor$27,828
Drainage Maintenance Manager$63,783
Electrical & Instrument Supervisor$35,516
Facilities Manager$45,329
Grants Property Manager$26,503
Heavy Equipment Operator$22,945
Instrument Technician$30,681
Maintenance Worker I$20,090
Maintenance Worker II$20,859
Maintenance Worker III$22,945
Maintenance Worker Supervisor I$25,246
Maintenance Worker Supervisor II$29,219
Master Mechanic$32,215
Mechanical Operations Manager$43,171
Mechanical Operations Supervisor$35,516
Operations Manager$27,828
Plant Electrician$33,825
Plant Electrician Trainee$27,828
Plant Instrument Technician$33,825
Plant Instrument Technician Trainee$27,828
Plant Mechanic I$30,681
Plant Mechanic II$33,825
Plant Mechanic Trainee$25,246
Public Works Operations Manager$47,595
Public Works Superintendent$43,171
Pump Machinist$29,219
Pump Maintenance Manager$52,474
Pump Master Mechanic$33,825
Pump Mechanic I$27,828
Pump Mechanic II$30,681
Pump Mechanic Trainee$25,246
Senior Automotive Attendant$22,945
Senior Automotive Mechanic$29,219
Senior Trades Specialist$33,825
Senior Trades Technician$24,068
Senior Wastewater Mechanic$33,825
Service Station Supervisor$25,246
Sign Fabricator$20,859
Spray Systems Servicer$29,219
Spray Systems Supervisor$33,825
Street Light Coordinator$26,503
Street Maintenance Manager$63,783
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Manager$57,852
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Operator$35,516
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Operator Trainee$25,246
Trades Specialist$30,681
Trades Technician$20,859
Tradeswork Supervisor$32,215
Traffic Signal Supervisor$39,157
Traffic Signal Technician I$25,246
Traffic Signal Technician II$29,219
Traffic Signal Technician III$32,215
Traffic Signal Trainee$20,859
Treatment Plant Operator I$30,681
Treatment Plant Operator II$33,825
Treatment Plant Operator Trainee$24,068
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Manager$47,595
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Manager (Unclassified)$47,595
Wastewater Asset Manager$57,852
Wastewater Collections Systems Manager$52,474
Wastewater Mechanic$30,681
Wastewater Mechanic Trainee$25,246
Wastewater Treatment Maintenance Manager$43,171
Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager$52,474
Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor$43,171