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Annual salaries listed are for 40 hour positions. Part time positions are paid at an hourly rate (Click on salary link to view.)

Job TitleStarting Salary
311 Call Center Manager$37,293
311 Call Center Representative$25,246
Accreditation Analyst$30,681
Accreditation Specialist$24,068
Administrative Specialist I$24,068
Administrative Specialist I (Unclassified)$24,068
Administrative Specialist II$26,503
Administrative Specialist II (Unclassified)$26,503
Airport Supply Manager$27,828
Assistant 311 Call Center Manager$30,681
Assistant Inventory & Supply Manager$29,219
Assistant Mail Room Supervisor$21,876
Assistant Parking Garage Manager$27,828
Automotive Parts Supervisor$30,681
Automotive Parts Technician$22,945
Chief Deputy Clerk of City Court$33,825
Clerical Specialist$20,471
Clerical Specialist (9.5 months)$16,534
Communications Security Specialist$20,859
Complaint Manager$41,114
Complaint Specialist$30,681
Confidential Secretary (Unclassified)$36,582
Crime Specialist$24,068
Deputy Clerk of City Court$29,219
Deputy Judicial Administrator/City Court$47,595
Director of Criminal/Traffic Division$43,171
Executive Assistant$33,825
Fiscal Specialist$21,876
Intake Specialist$24,068
Inventory & Supply Manager$35,516
Inventory Supervisor$25,246
Judicial Aide (Unclassified)$36,582
Legal Administrative Supervisor$32,215
Legal Assistant$29,219
Legal Secretary$30,681
Legal Specialist$24,068
Legislative Assistant I (Part Time) (Unclassified)$24,068
Legislative Assistant II (Unclassified)$36,582
Mail Clerk$20,090
Mail Room Supervisor$26,503
Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board Secretary (Unclassified)$29,219
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist$29,219
Parish Attorney Operations Coordinator$35,516
Parking Garage Attendant I$20,090
Parking Garage Attendant II$20,859
Parking Garage Manager$30,681
Parking Garage Supervisor$26,503
Parking Meter Collector$20,471
Police Evidence Technician$27,828
Records Supervisor$27,828
Secretary to the Assistant Chief Administrative Officers (Unclassified)$35,885
Secretary to the Chief Administrative Officer (Unclassified)$36,582
Secretary to the Mayor-President (Unclassified)$39,157
Senior Administrative Specialist$29,219
Senior Clerical Specialist$21,876
Senior Clerical Specialist (Unclassified)$21,876
Senior Crime Specialist$27,828
Senior Deputy Clerk of City Court$41,114
Senior Fiscal Specialist$24,068
Senior Legal Specialist$26,503
Senior Stock Clerk$22,945
Stock Clerk I$19,717
Stock Clerk II$20,859
Surveillance-System Monitor$24,068